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My Book "My Mom and I"

I wrote my first children's book!

This book was written about 20 years ago, when my son was a small boy. This was inspired by our lifestyle and enjoyable moments. Please be sure to purchase.

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"My Mom and I" Testimonials

Outstanding kids Book!

I haven't read a child's book in years but as I read this book, I was imagining reading it to my kids. It's a great book & it relates to everyday life. Kids helping with the chores & the the everyday life kids & parents go through together. Great book!


"My Mom and I" Just read your book, and we loved it Great Job!


I got this on my Kindle for my 8 year old and it fits her age bracket quite well. I am happy I got this book, it's definitely a easy read.

Mrs. Lewis

I am so in love with this children’s book. Reminds me of my son and I when he was a young boy. I’m sure this book will be passed down in my family for all the children to read with their parents. Looking forward to more content from the author.


This story is wonderfully written! The author put so much love into this book! I look forward to more works by her!


Great book! The Children enjoyed it.


A beautiful bond between a mother and sun! The illustrations were refreshing and not at all overwhelming! I appreciate some of them being vignettes! A very cute story! Worth the read